One thing that has been important and obvious to all of us is that we not only represent ourselves here in Bolivia, but we represent the United States as well. We have tried our best to make good impressions on our families, friends, and anyone else we have met here. It has been important to us to remain humble and be open-minded. Although the governments of the United States and Bolivia are not on the best terms, we have tried to make all of our interactions between ourselves and Bolivians positive ones.

In reference to our legacy, we just hope that we have done a good job at our service site. Every time we go to the home, we work hard and do what we can to help the tias with the boys. With our work at the orphanage, we hope that we have showed everyone there that Amizade participants should continue to work there. The boys and the tias have had an effect on us, and we are sure that other Amizade groups will feel the same. We care a lot about all of the boys. It would be wonderful if they remembered each one of us, but if they do not remember each of us individually, we just hope that they remember that there are people out there who really care about them and see the value in each of them.

We do believe that we are taking a lot back with us as well. As we have mentioned many times before, we will take with us a bigger recognition of all the opportunities we have back home. We will also take a different perspective of the world. We have been living in a part of the world where there is a lot of poverty and have gained more appreciation for the comforts we have in the US.

This has been a unique and special experience for all of us. We have no problems encouraging other students to come to Bolivia with Amizade, but it is also important for us to share our suggestions for improvements for the program. Other students should recognize that this is a great opportunity for a wonderful and eye-opening experience.

Hasta luego!

Mark, Quilla, Steven & Mikhael

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